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My Soul To Take
by Tananarive Due

September 26, 2011

Washington Square
$15 trade paper (432p)
ISBN 978-1-4391-7614-6

From Publishers Weekly:

Due continues the conflict between mortals and immortals in this thoughtful near-future supernatural suspense tale, the fourth in the African Immortals series (after 2008's Blood Colony). Phoenix Smalls Harris, a talented singer, is approached by Fana Wolde and her organization to assist in spreading Fana's healing powers through song rather than the "Glow," a drug crafted from immortal blood. Phoenix agrees, not least because a member of her family has succumbed to the Praying Disease, a virus unleashed by Fana's fiancé, Michel. The bonds of families, lovers, friends, and fellow believers are tested as Michel tries to eliminate mortal humans and fulfill his interpretation of a prophecy while Fana moves to counter him. Due's immersive style encourages readers to delve into all of the conflicting viewpoints and agendas with a surprising degree of empathy, giving depth to a complex and powerful conclusion. (Sept.)

Read the excerpt:

A broad-shouldered man stands at Jessica Jacobs-Wolde's kitchen counter, stirring a bowl with slow, careful strokes while he watches her out of the corner of his eye. He slumps across the counter on one elbow, his face hidden by a shadow escaping the light from the bright rows of jalousie windows.

Not her husband, David. She left David sleeping in their bed upstairs. Besides, this man has the wrong shoes. Wrong posture. Wrong smell…shoe polish. And Old Spice, a smell older than David's. The man's face turns slightly, and light cleaves to his dark skin. Jessica blinks three times, more weak-kneed with each blink.

The man is her father.

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